SPIKEVAX XBB.1.5 (andusomeran)

Product description

Brand name
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Moderna Biopharma Canada Corporation
Date of approval


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Consumers, Health Care Professionals

Information about the product including what the product is used for, dosage, warnings, proper use and side effects.  This summary will not tell you everything about the product. Contact your healthcare professional if you have any questions about the product.

Health Care Professionals, Researchers

The Product Monograph is a scientific document that describes the properties, claims, indications and conditions of use of the product and contains any other information that may be required for optimal, safe and effective use.

The Product Monograph includes three sections:

  • Part I: Health Professional Information;
  • Part II: Scientific Information; and
  • Patient Medication Information
Consumers, Health Care Professionals, Researchers

The Regulatory Decision Summary explains Health Canada’s decision for the product seeking market authorization. The Regulatory Decision Summary includes the purpose of the submission and the reason for the decision.

Health Care Professionals, Researchers

For COVID-19 authorizations, Health Canada can impose terms and conditions on the authorization. This allows Health Canada to continue to gather information on the safety, effectiveness and/or quality of the product. The status of the terms and conditions will be updated on a regular basis.

Health Care Professionals

The steps to Spikevax XBB.1.5. Your guide to proper storage, handling, and administration of the vaccine.